Amazon Studios Earns First Oscar Nomination For Beautifully-Told “Manchester by the Sea”

Manchester by the Sea, Director Kenneth Lonergan’s quiet and unassuming little gem of an Irish-American fishing town film has already made history by earning the very first Oscar nominations for a streaming service studio, and marks the moment when the long-established powers of Big Hollywood are being forcefully challenged by an entirely new business model.

It was an award race between fellow streaming service rival, Netflix, and Amazon, with both companies delivering remarkably interesting and entertaining examples of film-making. 2016 was to be Amazon’s Oscar year, though, with Manchester being nominated for a very impressive six categories, including for director and original screenplay.

Among the greatest benefactors in this rise of the streaming service providers are both the consumers, and emerging artists/writers/directors/producers whose projects might not have seen the light of day via the traditional studios route.

More choice. Greater freedom. More opportunity for all.

And if you haven’t yet checked out Manchester by the Sea, please make time to do so. It is a small story with very big things to say about the universal themes of self-awareness, forgiveness, and understanding, that is both brilliantly acted and superbly directed. A film that is arguably one of the more believably human depictions in quite some time, full of humor, pain, frailty, and surprising strength made more so by a soundtrack that is the perfect compliment to the characters’ near-constant reticence to say what they feel, and feel what they say.


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