A Bit Of Backstory On The Mausoleum At Roche Harbor & The SJI Mystery Series

Much of my San Juan Islands Mystery series is steeped in the actual history of that storied Pacific Northwest archipelago. Two men, though not direct characters in the books, have been referenced often throughout the series — Robert Moran who constructed what is now the world-famous Rosario Resort on Orcas Island, and John S. McMillin who created what would eventually become the even more famous, Roche Harbor.

It is the latter I want to talk a little about right now, namely the mystery of the McMillin mausoleum that remains a fixture of the Roche Harbor mystique.

Readers of the series might recall a scene at the mausoleum involving Adele Plank, Lucas Pine, and an animal dart. (I won’t say more for those who might not have read it yet.)

Thousands of travelers visit the mausoleum and the idyllic cemetery that borders it every year — and for good reason. It’s a truly unique and mystical place tucked deep within rows of tall pines and madrone trees with peak-a-boo glimpses of the waters of Roche Harbor.

Check it out:



Book #6 of the The San Juan Islands Mystery series, Turn Point Massacre:

Turn Point Massacre (San Juan Islands Mystery Book 6) by [Ulsterman, D.W.]

Just when you think you’ve given everything evil arrives to take even more…

Intrepid reporter Adele Plank is immersed in her most dire and dangerous mystery yet as she struggles to outsmart a brutal adversary who keeps a deadly promise to return to the San Juan Islands and exact revenge for the death of her brother.

Adele must determine who can and cannot be trusted while also dealing with a very personal crisis that will forever alter the course of her life.



San Juan Islands Mystery